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Posted by Kevin Brkal

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Why Your Facebook Ads Are Not Converting

Facebook Ads have been truly transformative within the digital marketing space.  The targeting at times can be so precise that the ad appears in front of a buyer at the absolute perfect time. You just do not get that type of targeting with Google or the other platforms out there.

As a result the platform has seen explosive growth with more and more marketers and business owners pouring in an enormous amount of money into the platform.

A common problem arises out of all those who are starting to advertise on Facebook.

I get asked literally all the time the same question : Why are my facebook ads not converting?

A lot of things can go into this as the reason why your Facebook ads are not converting 

For example, picking the wrong objective will make it literally impossible to see results.  If you sell a product then 99% of the time you need to have a conversion objective selected and then the purchase event.  

If instead you selected Link Clicks, what would happen is Facebook would look at your entire audience and then just show the ad to those most likely to click and that’s it.  Facebook says it was a huge success and Mark Zuckerberg opens up his hand and you give him money. You get nothing in return. That is what happens most of the time, the wrong objective is selected.

It’s important that you make sure you pick the right objective for your campaign.  Let’s go back to the ecommerce example and doing a conversion event.

When you do a conversion event and specifically a purchase event what Facebook will do is the following.  

  1. They would look to find out who is most likely to click but additionally they would look deeper and see who is most likely to add to cart and then finally purchase. 
  2. Then as you get more conversions what happens is Facebook optimizes to find more and more users just like the ones who purchased in your target audience.

Your audience is tired of seeing the same thing

Assuming you are having the right objective and your landing page is fully optimized then you are most likely facing a growing issue which is audience drowning.

What that means is your audience is literally exhausted by the product ads, I am not saying your product but your competition.  You see there are a ton of marketing guru’s out there that push courses on people. They take the course and then duplicate the exact ads and strategy the guru said to. If you are in a space that is “hot” then a good chance you are facing this exact issue.

What ends up happening is your audience is seeing insanely similar ads so when your ad appears it gets drowned out.

The solution is simple in this case.

Make an ad that is nothing like your competition. I have had some ads that was just fruit falling in slow motion.  It got clicks and sales.

The best way to find out what your competition is up to is to look at the Facebook Ad Library.  You do a search for your competitors Facebook Page and you can instantly see all their ads.

Sometimes you have no idea who your competition is so in those cases, what you need to do is go out there and visit your known competitors sites so their ads will start to show in your news feed. A little trick that I do is, based on who your target market is if its not you then ask a friend or colleague of yours to click on a competitor ad so they will then start seeing all the ads.  Then just ask them to share them with you so you can build ads that are 100% different.

You know the old saying you have to think outside the box.  Do it with your ads. Don’t be a sheep that follows what everyone else is doing.  Be the maverick that is pushing a new path because it will help you make more money in the long run.

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