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Our decades of combined experience and dialed-in advertising strategies have repeatedly
resulted in extraordinary performance numbers for our clients.


23 Day Campaign - 6.28 Return on Ad Spend

In a targeted 23-day campaign, a watch company aimed to elevate its sales and broaden its market reach. By partnering with us, they leveraged Advantage+ campaigns, utilizing our expertise to identify and engage their ideal customers. This strategic approach, coupled with our creation of compelling ads, led to a remarkable outcome.

With an ad spend of $54,245, the campaign generated $340,531 in sales, achieving an impressive 6.28 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). This success not only demonstrated the efficacy of Advantage+ campaigns in driving targeted, high-value customer engagement but also significantly boosted the company’s market presence within a condensed timeframe. Through this focused and data-driven strategy, the watch company achieved substantial growth, setting a new standard for its future digital marketing endeavors.


43 Day Campaign – 4.67 Return on Ad Spend

To reach and sell more products to their ideal customers, a startup ecommerce company aimed to utilize Facebook ads. Using our 3rd Party Data provider, we identified their ideal customers and crafted compelling ads that not only enticed users to click but also to make purchases. Over the course of 43 days, our efforts resulted in a sales revenue of $1,046,438 on an ad spend of $224,005, yielding an ROAS of 4.67. As a result, the company gained over 1,427 new customers with an average order value of $733.31.


Web Redesign - 200% Increase In Leads

In a strategic move to revamp its online presence, a landscape and construction company partnered with us for a complete website overhaul aimed at enhancing user experience and boosting lead generation. The project entailed optimizing site navigation, implementing a mobile-responsive design, and refining the content to more effectively communicate the company’s value proposition. A redesigned, more intuitive contact form was central to the strategy, designed to encourage user engagement.

The results were extraordinary, with a 200% increase in form fills observed in the first month post-launch, translating into more inquiries and business opportunities. This success highlighted the critical role of a well-crafted, user-centric website in driving business growth, setting a new standard for the company’s online marketing efforts and demonstrating the tangible impact of digital design on lead generation and business expansion.


eCom Holiday Store – 11.7 Return on Ad Spend

During their busiest season, a holiday store sought to increase their online sales. We created visually appealing HTML5 banners that highlighted their unique selling points, reaching customers on all devices. The outcome of this campaign was a remarkable $101,493 in sales generated from a mere $8,661 in ad spend, resulting in an impressive ROAS of 11.7.


eCom Facebook Shop Ads – 5.91 Return on Ad Spend

Our ecommerce client aimed to boost their return on ad spend on Facebook, and we developed a campaign that utilized the new Facebook Shop style ads. The outcome was remarkable, with a total of $192,433.60 in sales generated from a modest ad spend of $32,540.63 for a ROAS of 5.91. These ads proved highly effective as they allowed users to either complete their purchase within the app or redirect them to the linked Shopify store.


High Ticket Consultant – 1,117% Return on Investment

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, a high ticket consultant faced a sharp decline in their in-person business. Seeking to digitize their services, they approached us for assistance. Leveraging their brand loyalty, we crafted a direct response sales letter and directed our 3rd party data audiences to it. The outcome was impressive, with the consultant generating $349,495 in consulting income on a modest ad spend of $28,705.14. This resulted in a remarkable 1,117% ROI and a return on ad spend of 12.17, achieved by prioritizing quality over quantity, a key element for unlocking such impressive returns with Facebook ads.


Shopify Design Update – 190% Revenue Increase

A holiday-themed ecommerce store desired to refresh the appearance and user experience of their existing Shopify store. We undertook a comprehensive redesign, prioritizing a mobile-first approach and ensuring that the buying process from search to checkout was seamless and intuitive across all devices.

The results were impressive, with the client experiencing a 190% increase in sales for the same period compared to the previous year. Additionally, there was a significant boost in the conversion rate by 111%. Moreover, the site’s average order value (AOV) increased by 19%, all while traffic only increased by 21%.


Webinar Event - 11.44 Return on Ad Spend

A high-ticket consultant planned to launch a live webinar event and offer free signups, followed by two upsell offers at $55 and $295. To attract the right business owners who would be interested in the upsells, we created a Facebook Ad campaign.

The outcome of our campaign was impressive, with an 11.44 ROAS, resulting in $171,375.00 in revenue from a mere $14,984.97 ad spend.


SaaS Company - 566% Return On Investment

A SaaS company targeting publishers aimed to improve the return on their advertising investment even though they were already achieving a respectable 333%. We intervened and revamped the strategy, with a focus on remarketing, which resulted in a significant drop in CPA from $28.92 to $19.69.

The outcome was impressive, with an ROI of 566%, putting the client in scale mode.


Email Marketing Software - 12,280% ROI increase

The client had developed an AI-powered email automation platform that promised to enhance retailers’ return on email marketing. Their target audience was Fortune 500 retailers, but gaining their attention was proving challenging. Despite having a large prospecting base, the sales team struggled to generate engagement through calls and emails.

To tackle this, a new strategy was developed that utilized the existing prospects and shifted the marketing efforts from outbound to inbound. As a result, the sales team could focus on hot and warm leads rather than spending time trying to engage new prospects.

This approach yielded impressive results, with over $700,000 in revenue generated in just three months, and an ad spend of only $5,654. The return on investment was a staggering 12,280%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the new strategy.


Home Products - 3,463% ROI

A client in the home products industry faced the challenge of selling a notoriously difficult item online, kitchen cabinets. While their past results were acceptable, the client was eager to improve their return on investment.

To achieve this goal, we devised a revamped marketing strategy that streamlined the sales process, resulting in quicker sales and increased revenue. The outcome was impressive, with the client generating $517,777.34 in revenue with an ad spend of just $14,528.65, yielding an exceptional return on investment of 3,463% within a 3-month period.


Credit Card Processing - 498% ROI

A top credit card merchant retailer faced the challenge of only acquiring new leads for their main credit card processing business when a customer purchased one of their products. This limited their potential revenue growth, since the e-commerce store could only sell a finite number of products and their target market was not actively searching for their product.

To tackle this, we developed a strategy to attract the attention of business owners and encourage them to learn about how they could save on credit card processing. The outcome was impressive, with the client closing two customers at a lifetime value of $7,000 each, resulting in a return on investment of 498%. With an ad spend of just $2,340.93, the client generated over $14,000 in revenue within two months.


Digital Membership Site - 460% ROI

A digital membership site had been relying on traditional PPC advertising and email marketing but aimed to expand to other channels, such as Facebook. We developed a comprehensive strategy for lead generation through to purchase, launching various campaigns that delivered $151,086.79 in sales with an ad spend of only $25,966.29.

The outcome was a return on investment of 460%, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach.


SaaS Company - 726% ROI

A business SaaS company approached us with a problem: their existing ads manager wasn’t exploring new ideas and barely breaking even.

To address this, we swiftly deactivated underperforming ads and created new ones that targeted specific results. Additionally, we devised a video ads funnel that warmed up the audience, leading to a reduction in the cost per acquisition.

Our efforts yielded $37,874 in revenue on an ad spend of just $4,585.92 within two weeks. The return on investment was a healthy 726%.


Marketing Conference - 428% ROI

A content marketing conference was struggling to generate results with direct-to-consumer ads on Facebook.

To tackle this, we implemented a comprehensive approach that utilized top-of-funnel, middle-of-funnel, and bottom-of-funnel strategies to engage the target market with compelling ads. This approach resulted in 19 direct sales with an average order value of $1,318.

With this approach we generated $25,054.15 in sales from an ad spend of just $4,739.89 over one month. The return on investment was an impressive 428%.


In addition to the Facebook Ads campaign, we also ran a Google Ads campaign for the same conference. Within a one-month period, the campaign generated $37,672.40 in sales on a PPC search spend of $2,288.95.

This approach resulted in an average order size of $1,076 and a total of 35 direct purchases made through our ad campaigns. As a result, the cost per purchase was a mere $64.20, and the return on investment was an impressive 1,545%.


Women’s Fashion - 329% ROI

A client in the women’s fashion industry relied mainly on Facebook Lives to drive sales, achieving an average of $50,000 per month organically. However, they aimed to grow further with the aid of paid ads.

To achieve this, we developed a strategy that amplified their existing Facebook Lives while targeting new potential clients. This approach resulted in a healthy return on ad spend of 4.29 over a 60-day period. As a result, the client achieved a return on investment of 329% and generated $76,950 in sales from an ad spend of only $17,922.


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