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Emote enables you to quickly find a qualified therapist to address your needs. You will receive rich text-based therapy and optional video therapy in a secure and confidential environment with real-time 2-way communication through your computer or mobile device.

We were contacted by the founders to develop a marketing strategy to get therapists and clients to signup for the service.  We launched a campaign on Facebook with their existing site and quickly saw the existing site was having a trust issue.  As a result we revamped their entire site to build the trust factor with the prospects while also encouraging the user to signup.

University of West Florida

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KNB Online Inc. helped turn designs into a fully responsive WordPress site that allows the University of West Florida to showcase its Center For Research and Economic Opportunity.

What We Did

We were contacted by another agency to help turn their beautiful designs into a fully functioning website. One big requirement was that every single aspect of the site needed to be easily updated from a web based admin area.

With that in mind we chose WordPress and built the site in a way that every single aspect of the site was then easily update from within the WP-ADMIN area.

The CREO site is fully responsive so it looks good on just about any device.

Play Daily Fantasy Sports

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KNB Online Inc. helped one of the largest Fantasy Sports affiliates transform their old HTML based website into a fully responsive WordPress site.

What We Did

When KNB Online Inc. was contacted by PlayDailyFantasySports.com  and we were asked to help fix a small issue on their existing HTML based site. After that we informed them that Google would now be looking for sites to be mobile friendly and their existing site was not.

At that point they asked us to come up with a brand new design that could then be brought into a modern CMS such as WordPress.

We then designed and developed the site that you see live today on PlayDailyFantasySports.com. The site is fully responsive and looks awesome on all devices. On top of that they wanted the ability to easily update the entire site with just the click of a button and we delivered just that.

Better Built PBR Campaign

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KNB Online Inc. created a fully responsive landing page that allowed users to easily signup for a truck box giveaway.

How It Works & Our Process

We were contacted to create a fully responsive landing page for a campaign for Better Built.  The campaign was designed to utilize online and offline marketing channels to funnel users to a landing page which would then enter a person into a giveaway contest.We were given an objective and came up with designs and also implemented those designs into a fully responsive WordPress site.

Part of the requirement was to integrate the contact form with a email automation tool such as MailChimp. We setup the integration which then sent an email to the user right after they signedup.

On top of that requirement we had to build a system that would randomly pick a winner from the users that signed up during a certain period of time.

Review Shepherd

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KNB Online Inc. helped ReviewShepherd build one of the most effective ways to help small business get real and safe reviews on sites such as Google Maps & Yelp.

How ReviewShepherd Software Works

ReviewShepherd allows small businesses of any size to easily connect with their past customers. Once connected the ReviewShepherd software offers a very easy way for those customers to then leave a review on up to ten local profiles.

The software is also fully customizable so the message can be 100% unique as well as the actual review process. This allows a look and feel that matches a small businesses existing branding.

To learn more about the software please check out this video:

How We Helped

The founder of ReviewShepherd reached out to us to see if we could turn his idea into reality. We took on this challenge head on and through a lot of hard work we were able to deliver a software solution that works extremely well.

In the very beginning we looked at the current solutions in the marketplace and set out to not just improve upon them but to totally reinvent it. After a great deal of thought we put together the following:

PC Designs
Mobile Designs

Once those were approved we turned those 1 dimensional designs into what you see today when you view ReviewShepherd.com.


Chris Smith Realty

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KNB Online Inc. created a fully responsive and mobile friendly website that allows visitors to easily view homes for sale through the Chris Smith Realty website.

How we helped

We were contacted by Chris Smith Realty of Spring Lake, NJ to help them transform their old and outdated website into a modern fully responsive website.  We worked with them and came up with designs that fit their unique offerings.

One big thing that Chris Smith Realty was wanting was the ability to have all of their listings automatically sync with their website.  We integrated the MLS RETS API into the website which syncs in almost real time. This is allowing Chris Smith Realty to show off all of their listings to potential buyers around the world.

Another aspect that they wanted was the ability to update every aspect of the site easily from an ADMIN area.  With that in mind as well as the MLS syncing we chose WordPress and built the site so just about every aspect could be updated by a non-tech person in the WP-ADMIN area of the site.

Peaden PPC Landing Page

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We were contacted by a branding agency to help them develop a PPC landing page for Peaden. We came up with a design that really pushed to the potential customer the awesome Google Maps reviews and the A+ rating with the BBB. We designed it with a direct response marketing mindset.

The design is fully responsive and mobile friendly so it looks awesome on just about any device. One of the big things that was built into this landing page design was the ability to easily replicate it and then update all of the important aspects from one central location.


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We were contacted by Madeley & Company which is a Dallas, TX based Risk & Insurance Management company to give the existing site a new modern design.

Kevin Brkal

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KNB Online Inc developed a custom mini site for Kevin Brkal to showcase his Facebook Ad Strategy services.

The site was built with basic HTML & PHP and was designed as a one pager with sub pages for additional information.

The site can be viewed at kevinbrkal.com.

Superior Healthcare Centre

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A Dallas based SEO agency contacted us to help them totally transform an outdated website into something more modern. The old website was using a custom built CMS that was extremely difficult to work with. So we were tasked with designing a brand new look and feel while also integrating it into WordPress.

InCon-trol Water Systems

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InCon-trol Water Systems wanted to update the look and feel of their existing site but to also make it more user friendly for an admin. The old site was built with a custom built CMS that was extremely difficult to work with and made simple tasks require a call to a developer. The existing site made it a total pain to add new projects to the site and showing off recent work was extremely important.

Since being able to easily update every aspect of the site was important to InCon-trol Water Systems we decided to build it with the popular WordPress CMS. The design that we came up with is fully responsive so it looks good on any device.

Closets Direct

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We designed and developed a SEO optimized closet site. The site was built to be mobile responsive so it looks good on all devices.

We had a unique challenge to ensure we kept the site to display a high end feel while at the same time not pricing our potential customers.

Kitchen Cabs Direct

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We were contacted by KitchenCabsDirect.com, who is a leading kitchen cabinet designer in the New York City area, to revamp their existing site. The existing site was running a pre-built template that did not look good on all devices. They also wanted to highlight some of their more recent kitchen designs and installs with a nice gallery which we implemented on the homepage.


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Peaden is a leading HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical contractor in the Florida Panhandle who has been in business since 1696. We were contracted to take existing designs and integrate them into a fully dynamic and mobile responsive WordPress site.

We built the site so every single aspect is easily update-able from within the web based admin area. That includes being able to easily add new coupons & reviews.

Writer Access

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We led a full redesign of the entire website to help drive better conversions.

Additionally, we helped them get a better ROI on their Facebook Ads. They were currently seeing a healthy 3.33% Return on Ad Spend but they knew there was more potential.

We came in and revamped the entire Facebook Ads strategy to put more heavy emphasis on remarketing and it paid off with a huge decrease in CPA from $28.92 down to $5.05. They ended up spending less on ads and actually saw 4 times more revenue. The Return on Ad Spend went from 3.33 up to 20.36.

Bull Bag

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The Bull Bag is a leading dumpster in a bag company that currently caters to North East and recently broke into the Texas and Florida markets.  The Bull Bag is only sold in Home Depot stores so we were tasked to come up with a way to drive potential customers into the store with a social media strategy.

We used heavily a strategy that has worked extremely well for brick and mortar type of businesses and the results were outstanding.

Card Machine Outlet

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CardMachineOutlet.com is a leading credit card merchant retailer and they only were getting new leads into their main credit card processing business after they bought one of their products. That limited their potential upside since the e-commerce store only sold so many products. Yet their target market was not looking for their product very often.

We developed a strategy to get the business owners attention and raise their hand to see how they could save on credit card processing.

That resulted in the client closing 2 customers at $7,000 LTV each for a return of 498%. They spent $2,340.93 on ads and generated over $14,000 over a 2 month period.

Content Marketing Conference

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Content Marketing Conference is one of the premier content marketing conferences.  They contacted us when they were not getting results with direct to consumer ads on Facebook.

We created a top of funnel, middle of funnel and bottom of funnel approach to blanket the target market with high engaging ads. That resulted in 19 direct sales with an average order value of $1,318.

Our efforts were able to generate $25,054 in sales on ad spending of only $4,739. That resulted in an ROI of 428% over a one month period.

We additionally ran Google Ads which resulted in 35 sales and $37,672 in revenue on PPC search spending of $2288.  The Google Ads PPC campaign ended up with a ROI of 1,545%.

Vidal Candies

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We were contacted by Vidal Candies to help update their existing USA site into a fully responsive WordPress site. We took existing design ideas from the corporate team and put a spin on them to ensure they met how the USA user would use the site.

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Suite 300 PMB# 111
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