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Earnings And Income Disclaimer

KNB Online Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “KNB Online”) does not, under any circumstances, provide any form of guarantees or assurances about your potential to achieve certain outcomes or earn income through the utilization of our ideas, information, resources, management methods, or strategies. All content presented on this webpage, across all of our online platforms, or within our various educational curricula, should not be interpreted as a pledge or assurance of results or future income.

It’s important to understand that we do not purport to offer any form of professional advice, including but not limited to, legal, medical, or tax advice. Furthermore, any mention of financial figures, whether herein or on any other platform operated by us, should be understood as demonstrative or theoretical and not as an indication of average or precise earnings. They should not be taken as commitments or predictions of your actual or future performance.

It is prudent to exercise discretion and to always consult with professional advisors such as accountants, attorneys, or other professional consultants before making decisions that may result in substantial changes to your lifestyle, business operations, or financial status. It remains solely within your purview to take responsibility for your decisions, actions, and outcomes in life. By registering or signing a proposal (Contract) with us, you thereby agree to refrain from holding KNB Online accountable for any decisions, actions, or results that you undertake, at any point, irrespective of the circumstances.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that the figures displayed on our case studies page represent some of our most successful outcomes. However, these exceptional results are not achieved uniformly across all clients for whom we manage advertising campaigns. As such, we cannot, and do not, guarantee any specific level of results or performance.

In essence, the onus lies on you, as a user of our resources, to judiciously apply our tools and strategies in alignment with your unique circumstances, and to consult with professional advisors as necessary. Our role is to provide you with tools, ideas, and strategies that might aid in your endeavours, not to guarantee the outcomes of your decisions or actions.


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