Solid results from a talented team.

Kevin Brkal – President

Kevin Brkal has been a digital marketing technologist for over 20 years. He started at a very young age and quickly fell in love with it. Now, it’s not only his passion but a full-time job. I love taking on challenging projects that require new and fresh ideas. Where other marketers shy away from tough assignments, I seek them out. Seriously: No challenge is too tough.

Jeremias Smith – Chief Marketing Officer

Jeremias Smith has over 20 years of combined marketing and sales experience. Since 2008, he has lead several initiatives that resulted in millions of dollars in sales volume for both digital and brick-and-mortar businesses. Mr. Smith loves to help businesses break free from short-sighted tactics and assists them in achieving profit goals through a KPI driven approach. His motto is “Growth That Matters” because he believes that an effective marketing and sales process is the only thing that can grow.

Alex Kubicek – Funnel & Digital Marketing Expert

Alex is a digital marketing professional with a passion for marketing technology in business and real estate. Alex’s #1 goal is to develop relevant automated marketing systems to help bridge the offline to online gap creating an amazing customer experience. Alex has developed digital marketing campaigns that have birthed #1 best selling authors, successful financial advisers on Wall Street, trending fashion brands, & elite fitness supplements, to name a few.

Izzy Kiver – Facebook Ads Expert and Data Analyst

Izzy Kiver is a Graduate of Harvard University with a Masters degree in Marketing and Management. He has growth hacked his clients accounts coast to coast and internationally using hyper-targeted marketing methods and unique solutions treating each client as a fresh case. When he’s not busy making his clients businesses wildly successful he likes to train athletically, keep healthy and spend time with his favorite person Christina.

Brad Davis – Facebook Ads Expert

Brad began his career working in software development at IBM, where he focused mostly on writing and executing test plans for various types of project releases. In 2009, he made the leap out of the corporate world and did something really crazy – opened a pizzeria. It was there he developed a passion for entrepreneurship, marketing and great customer service while using his testing skills to fine-tune his recipes AND business / marketing strategies. However, because his biggest joy in life is being with his two kids (and not working every single Friday night), he hung up the chef apron and now uses his skills to help other businesses reach their goals. He’s still obsessed with baking pizza – only now he does so from his back yard wood-fired oven. He also enjoys playing baseball with his son, listening to music with his daughter and taking them on road trips to do fun stuff.

Collin Hoyer – Real Estate & Mortgage Digital Marketing Expert

Collin Hoyer is a data-driven digital marketer with a passion for Facebook advertising, email marketing, chatbot development, landing page creation, and more. When he’s not working with clients, you can find Collin skiing in Colorado or walking along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Joey Freitas – Project Manager

I have a passion for traveling the world, an obsession with Viking culture, and a love of craft beer. Probably too much. The Patriots and Star Wars are my two most precious hobbies. In recent years, I’ve been consulting as a Project Manager with Your PM Sidekick and MST Solutions, with a focus on software projects. Before that was a gazillion years mixed with being a PM, Business Analyst, and a dash of web development.

Md. Anwar Islam – Lead Developer

Anwar started his career as PHP Developer in 2005 and has quickly grown from there to providing outstanding designs and WordPress custom development. He has vast knowledge in PHP, Web Development, Database (MySQL) , SEO and Project Management.

Jesse Hoffmann – Senior Graphic Designer & Copywriter

Jesse has over 15 years of agency experience designing and copywriting for major national and international brands as well as executing in UI/UX. He has a wide variety of valuable skills including expertise in optimizing for conversion and monetization and deep knowledge of online marketing practices to ensure designs meet or exceed business objectives and expectations.

Htet Wai Oo – Designer

Htet Wai Oo is a designer dedicated to helping his clients display their branding in a beautiful and engaging way online. He is dedicated to always learning and improving his knowledge to ensure that he is on the cutting edge of designs. He enjoys working with Blender, Cycles Render, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effect , and Adobe Premier Pro.

Cara Gilmore – SEO Copy Writer

Cara is a content writer and blogger with a passion for helping business owners thrive. Her main goal is to help business owners advertise and create relevant content for their audience and promote products and services. Cara has been a professional content writer since 2013 and has created content for hundreds of websites and products. She is also the author of the published book, Overcoming Any Addiction: Finding the Inner You.

Phoenix Hayes – Social Media Community Manager

Phoenix’s formal education in English, Film, and Media sets her apart in the digital world as an exciting story-teller. Her interest in travel, languages, and diverse cultures allow her to easily connect with all kinds of people and situations. She uses design-heavy engagement strategies to influence social media users.

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