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Posted by Kevin Brkal

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Why Facebook Ads Offer BIG ROI

You want to get more leads and you may be wondering if Facebook is a viable option. You probably have heard that Google is the dominant source of traffic so Adwords must be one of the best. Well, you would be wrong as Adwords at-least in our tests does extremely bad and is only getting worse as time goes on.

Luckily when one traffic source tends to dwindle there is always another one to pick up demand and in this case its Facebook Ads. The ad system on Facebook has come a long way and even today the system is not perfect. However, we are seeing some tremendous results for our clients.

Why is Adwords Not Performing Well?

One of the big reasons in our view why Adwords is no longer a dominant source of traffic is advertiser saturation and bots.

Lets start with the first one; advertiser saturation. When Google first launched the Adwords product you could set up an account and get hundreds if not thousands of leads at a ridiculously low cost. As time went on and more and more advertisers setup Adwords account and started biding the Cost Per Click ended up increasing and in turn the ROI would dwindle.

Bots are a huge problem here is just one of many articles you can find on it. Basically what happens is a publisher has a site and they want to sell ads, they partner with countless ad networks and Adwords ends up always being one of them. What happens is a huge amount of computers around the world are infected with various types of malware and a huge segment of them have to do with ad click fraud. The malware tries as much as possible to look like a human and they click on ads on the publisher sites. As an advertiser you have no idea what is real and what is not real clicks.

Those 2 items have really made Adwords a really hard platform to convert on especially the Display Network. When doing lead generation its all about converting quality leads at a low cost. Adwords just no longer provides that.

What About Facebook Ads

Facebook was founded as a social network and the site has more information on its users than any other company in the world. Facebook is able to look at a users posts, shares, etc and come up with a ad profile of each user. You can see what Facebook has on you by clicking on Settings & then Ads and then click on Ads based on my preferences then click on Visit Ad Preferences.

That ad profile allows you as an advertiser to pin point who sees your ads. Lets say you want to target just CEOs you can do that by simply targeting the job title of CEO. Additionally lets say you run a pain management clinic such as Pain Consultants of West Florida and you want to target an older demographic such as men who are over 65 and are interested in back pain, well you can do that.

What about bots on Facebook?

You will not see a lot of bots at this point as Facebook is really good at knowing who is real and who is in fact a bot. To top if off Facebook is closed from the general web as you need a username and password to access an account. That is just another hurdle that a bot would need to get through.

How to get started with Facebook Ads?

So your sold and you want to start using Facebook ads. Just like anything new its always good to have someone in your corner, and we would love to be that person. We have been building campaigns on Facebook from the very beginning and we know all of the little tips and tricks that help a campaign truly stand out.

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