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Posted by Jesse Hoffmann

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Where to Find Web Design Inspiration

When you are considering your current web design, you may notice that you need an update or that you aren’t as trendy as the competition. But before you go and completely redesign your site, you should check out some web design inspiration to help guide you. You can get some pretty incredible and easy to apply ideas that will take your website up a level and can build on your current brand. Here are a few places to find web design inspiration when you are ready to take that leap and keep your web design looking outstanding through each stage of its lifespan.

Best of Web Design Awards

You can find a lot of trends and inspiration when you look at the best web designsthat are winning awards and making an impact on people. Make sure you that you look at current web designs though because it can be easy to do some research online only to find that the designs are from a decade ago and the application techniques are no longer relevant.


Whether you draw inspiration from nature, or you simply clear your head by breathing in the fresh air as you take a walk, nature is an excellent inspiration tool. You can get a renewed sense of the colors that can be utilized in web design and take into account the shapes and depth of everything as you pass it by. And don’t forget to grab a bench and do a little people watching too because this can also provide some additional inspiration.

Famous Logos

There is something to be said for famous logos and simplicity – symbols like the golden arches, a single swoosh, and a white apple with the perfect bite taken out of it, makes an impact. You can find a lot of inspiration in the logos by taking into account the curves and colors that make these so recognizable and impactful. When deciding to get a redesign, think about your own logo and how the rest of your brand is represented to ensure they make sense together.

Traditional Advertising

Some things never change, and you can still go back and look at traditional marketing techniques that have withstood the test of time. Go back and look at brands that have withstood the test of time from Coca-Cola to Chevrolet to Macintosh and see how they have changed their advertising, and what they have kept the same over the years.

Outsource the Updates or Schedule a Consultation

Sometimes all you need is someone to look at your web design with an outsider’s point of view whether you do everything as a business owner or you have employees take care of SEO. Outsourcing your web design updates or getting a consultation will give you a fresh perspective on your current design that can be invaluable.

Finding web design inspiration is as simple as taking a walk, checking out top websites, and involving the experts as much, or as little, as you need them.

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