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Posted by Jesse Hoffmann

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Website Design: Responsive VS. Mobile

When it comes to website design, multiple different strategies can get the job done. Hiring a professional company who specializes in WordPress development is the best way to begin. At KNB Online Inc., we understand the importance of excellent website design and are more than familiar with WordPress development, search engine optimization, and various other techniques to make your website incredible. With more people accessing the web on non-computer sources (like smartphones and tablets) than ever before, having a website that works on all devices is extremely important.

Now the website design debate involves making your website accessible to more readers in one of two ways: creating a responsive design or creating a mobile website. Let’s have a look at the opposing sides.

Mobile Website Design

A mobile website will help your traffic and make your site more accessible to customers on the go, but it may not do anything more than that. Because your mobile site will likely require a separate domain (such as, it may be diluting your domain and hurt your organic search traffic. You will also have more to manage when it comes to web content and other site pages because you’ll now have two separate domains rather than one.

In terms of user-friendliness, mobile website design can be helpful as the website is often simplified. However, many users nowadays are familiar with how standard sites are operated and set up, and many people prefer those sites to the mobile ones. So while it can be beneficial to create a mobile version of your website design, we believe that you are better off on the other side of this debate.

Responsive Website Design

At KNB Online Inc., we believe in responsive website design. The sites we design will look good on any and all devices, regardless of the screen size or operating system. Your responsive website will automatically adjust to any screen size that it’s viewed on, keeping your readers from having to zoom in or out or adjust the view of your website. Flexible images, media queries, and fluid grids are the secret to responsive website design, and we utilize all of them here at KNB Online Inc. to give you the most user-friendly site possible.

Your domain name will not have to change when you utilize responsive website design. You also won’t need an additional domain, and we’ll do all the work making necessary changes on the back-end, while you and your customers enjoy your responsive website design. This helps with search traffic as one site receives all the viewers (as opposed to splitting it between mobile visitors and PC visitors), and your link equity is retained since you’re working with only one domain.

The Winner: Responsive Website Design

While a mobile website was all the rage for a while, we’re here to tell you that responsive website design is where it’s at. When you compare the options side by side, there is simply no contest.Responsive website design is far more beneficial for your website as it is better for users, and after all, the users are the main target of your website, right? If your users are happy, then your company grows and you’re happy.

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