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Posted by Kevin Brkal

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Modern Facebook Ads Marketing in a Cookieless Era

Back in April, 2021, Apple released a new privacy update that had marketers all over alarmed. The highly touted update provided iPhone users with the ability to opt out of data tracking. This left many companies, brands, and marketers stumped as they heavily relied on Apple’s tracking data to enhance their customer data. 

A year has passed and many marketing leaders are still struggling to compensate for the loss of such valuable data. Fortunately there are some teams finding a way around this pitfall and even more, thriving better than ever before. Today’s post is going to help you explore some of the strategies leading marketers are using to enhance their customer data independently and improve their marketing funnels. 

Invest in your own data

If the iOS update taught us anything it’s that it’s time to stop heavily relying on one platform to provide your team with data. As marketers we have the opportunity to invest in our own platforms to begin tracking the data we need. You need to seek out and pinpoint every opportunity you can to analyze your customer’s behavior and the buyer’s journey they took. 

For D2C businesses this could be as easy as creating loyalty programs, encouraging sign ups, offering special discounts to new or existing customers and building ad campaigns around them. 

If you’re in the B2C sector try to enhance your lead scoring models with expanded content. Newsletters, gated content, and other heavily personalized content products can give you additional insights into your audience segments. 

It’s important to maximize existing opportunities and expand on them so you’re not just able to collect customer data but analyze how unique funnels are working with your unique segments. 

Invest in third party tools 

Just because we’re moving beyond relying on social platforms to provide data for us doesn’t mean we should neglect the advantages we have available. There are plenty of third party tools and CRM platforms that are enabling marketers to own their data. Beyond helping you collect customer data, these tools are helping marketers see and define where their traffic is coming from across a range of channels. 

AnyTrack is a great example of a tool helping marketing teams continue high level customer tracking. The software connects your touchpoints with your customer data to give you live insight into your growing audience base. It focuses on conversion tracking to help you shorten the buyer’s journey and figure out where your customers are and aren’t converting. It’s also able to communicate with your different sales channels–for example, it can send data back into Facebook through conversion API.

“The AnyTrack Tag, automatically identifies your marketing stack, categorizes conversions, and feeds your pixels with over 30 tracking data points.”

Just because the landscape of cookies on the internet is evolving, it doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on granular customer tracking. 

Invest in a third party team

Access to the data is only one half of the formula. If data is the fuel, strategy is the engine and not every engine is built the same. The new ways of navigating data require increased expertise to not only manage but maximize the insights. There are strategies for increasing customer data visibility and strategies for utilizing the data. Hiring for a team that can do both can be a growth stunting investment if done too soon. You can bypass that challenge by working with a third party team that knows exactly how to access and maximize your data today.

My team and I have been tinkering with a variety of new strategies since the iOS 14.5 update went out. We’ve enabled teams of all sizes to continue to stimulate growth even without the customer visibility they were accustomed to.  If you want to meet to learn about our strategies or discuss a personalized partnership with my team then we’re available to meet. It’s up to you, simply click here and book some time so we can evaluate the best path forward for you. 

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