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Posted by Kevin Brkal

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How to Get Better Results with Facebook Ads Going Forward

Facebook Ads for the last several years have been the go-to channel to see astronomical returns. For starters I was able to help a client see a 3,464% ROI, I mean that is just crazy.

One of the biggest reasons why was the data that Facebook provided was on a whole other level when you compared it to Google. Honestly, where else could you pinpoint your exact customer and then show them ads? Nowhere else!

I have a low volume personal funnel that targets B2B decision makers making over $150,000+ a year. The targeting is so precise that when I would get on a call with one of them, I knew 100% that they are qualified and can afford my services.

One of the real hidden secrets to Facebook Ads is Audience Insights. That is a tool where you can upload a custom audience and then get a boatload of information about it. You can find out if they are primarily married, liked specific pages or even what type of car they would drive. When you know your avatar, this is like having a homing beacon when you are looking for a needle in a haystack. For real …. it was that powerful.

Well, Facebook pulled the rug out from under Audience Insights and now when you upload a custom audience you are now met with absolutely nothing. So if you see nothing, it is not a bug it is just the new way of life.

It is crazy how things are changing in the Facebook Ad ecosystem since they went from providing advertisers with just about everything imaginable to now clamping it down, so you have virtually no valuable data to improve campaigns.

This is going to be a fork in the road, and I firmly believe that it will improve the Facebook Ads platform going forward. For starters, your marketing and funnel will have to be just that much better so if you do not have a valid plan you are not going to succeed. That means over time we will start to see more and more so-called gurus calling it quits and pivoting back to other channels.

It is going to make it that much more important to have an excellent strategy in place before driving any Facebook Ads going forward. That means funnels, funnels, and more funnels.

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