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Posted by Kevin Brkal

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Facebook Ads iOS 14.5 Privacy Update Tracking Solution

With the recent iOS privacy update, Apple has made it more difficult for marketers and advertisers alike. The biggest hurt of all is that they limited platforms such as Facebook/Instagram from tracking users off their own properties which have been acquired by companies like Instagram or facebook over time – this includes things like ads placed through those networks on other sites where you may not even realize there’s an ad.

We all know the iOS privacy update was a huge letdown for advertisers. And you’re probably experiencing it first-hand too–your ROAS (return on ad spend) has definitely taken an nose dive since last month! Luckily, I found out how to get around this problem and made this video exclusively available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fw3jemDIlMo or click the image below:

What is exactly going on with targeting?

Essentially what has happened is if someone has purchased from an ad and they have opted out of tracking. iOS will take up to 3 days to send that purchase event data back into Facebook/Instagram. The worst part is that when they send the data back they only send that a purchased happened. It does not send dollar figures, it does not send anything about that user so Facebook/Instagram has to guess who that person was.

As you can imagine it has really hurt the ad platform because that platform was built on using real time data to optimize and find folks similar to those that purchased.

What is the solution for iOS tracking issues?

After a ton of testing we were lucky to have found a solution that really helps with the tracking issues and also helps with getting ad accounts back on track with good ROAS. The best thing you can do is setup the Conversion API (CAPI). I was able to find a really great solution called AnyTrack that allows you to easily setup CAPI in literally minutes.

When you setup AnyTrack you will also get a great dashboard that will show you accurate data, the other big issue with iOS privacy is the fact that the ads manager is not super accurate. AnyTrack is able to save the persons click ID and then when they purchase you see exactly where they purchased from. The best part of all is it sends that data back into FB/IG so it can help optimize and improve your ROAS.

Setting up CAPI through AnyTrack is honestly the biggest lever you can pull to help turn things around.

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