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Posted by Jesse Hoffmann

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Custom Design Elements for Higher Landing Page Conversions

The internet is teeming with websites and landing pages that compete for users’ attention. So, how do you ensure your landing page doesn’t just blend in, but stands out and drives conversions? The answer lies in custom design elements that resonate with your audience and compel them to take action.

1. Personalized CTAs (Call-to-Action) Standard CTAs like “Click Here” or “Submit” are a thing of the past. Customized CTAs that directly speak to your target audience’s needs and desires are the future. For instance, if you run an online fitness store, instead of “Buy Now,” try “Start My Fitness Journey.” This speaks directly to the user’s intent and is more engaging.

2. Authentic Imagery Stock photos are easily recognizable and can often seem inauthentic. Use custom photography, showcasing real people using your product or service. Authentic images build trust and create a sense of relatability, urging users to connect with your brand.

3. Interactive Graphics and Infographics Static images are informative, but interactive graphics take user engagement to the next level. They allow visitors to dive deeper into information, making the content more memorable and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

4. Video Testimonials Genuine video testimonials showcase real-life success stories from customers who’ve benefited from your product or service. They not only add credibility but also provide a narrative that potential customers can relate to.

5. Customized Icons and Illustrations Instead of generic icons, consider using customized illustrations tailored to your brand’s tone, style, and message. This establishes brand consistency and adds a unique touch to your landing page.

6. Engaging Animations Strategically placed animations can guide visitors through the journey of your landing page. For instance, a subtle arrow animation can guide users to scroll down, ensuring they consume all your content.

7. Interactive Quizzes and Calculators Interactive elements, like quizzes or calculators, can provide personalized results or values for users. For instance, a skincare brand could use a skin type quiz to recommend products, making users more likely to make a purchase.

8. Dynamic Backgrounds Ditch static backgrounds and opt for dynamic ones like videos, animations, or parallax effects. They create a more immersive experience and keep users engaged.

9. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) Indicators Custom design elements like countdown timers or a dwindling stock number can induce a sense of urgency. This plays on the user’s fear of missing out, prompting quicker decisions.

10. Micro-interactions These are small, subtle animations or design tweaks that occur in response to user activity. For example, a button might jiggle when hovered over. Such tiny interactions make the user experience more delightful and engaging.

Custom design elements are the key to creating a landing page that not only attracts attention but converts visitors. They provide a unique and tailored experience, making users feel valued and understood. KNB Online understands the importance of these elements and has been instrumental in crafting successful landing pages for numerous clients. The world of design is ever-evolving; staying ahead with custom elements ensures your brand remains at the forefront of user experience and conversion optimization.

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