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Posted by Jesse Hoffmann

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Can your business website survive MOBILEGEDDON?

Years ago, you may have been convinced that a website was crucial to promoting your business online. Looking back, you probably aren’t regretting that decision, but so many businesses are still running those same websites from almost a decade ago. The problem with this is that the way people look for things online is a whole different ballgame then it was even just a couple years ago.

Smartphones Changed Everything

With people carrying around high speed internet in their pockets, the online world has had a radical shift. Those old clunky websites don’t look good or function correctly on a smaller screen. This need forced the hand of innovation in the form of responsive web design. This means that no matter the device that a person uses to visit your site, your website will be able to adapt or respond to the screen size. In many cases, it will reposition the elements on the page in a way that is appealing and better functioning for the user (your potential customer).

Responsive web design is such a huge deal that Google released an update to how they view websites. If your website isn’t responsive, you probably don’t rank as well as you did before the update. They are bringing responsive sites with great content to the forefront. That’s because half of all searches are done on a mobile device, so if you want to set yourself to get that targeted free traffic that can come from search results about your products or services, you need to update your site.

People Are Searching for What They Are Ready to Buy

We’ve already determined that there are billions of mobile searches done, but there is a bigger issue here for your business. 78% of people who search for a local product or service will make a purchase related to their search.

If a businessman is traveling and wants to try out the local pizza, he is going to search for it right from his phone. You don’t have to twist his arm too hard because he already wants what you’re selling. All you need is to have the following things going in your favor:


If you are the first listing in a Google search, then 35% of the people searching that term will visit your site. Or you can pay to advertise right at the top to make sure you know how many are coming.

Responsive Design

If that businessman goes to your site and has to zoom in and scroll up, down, left, and right just to find out the details, he will leave in less than 1 minute. However, if your site fits his smartphone screen well and clearly conveys your message, then he’ll click right through, and your odds of getting a new customer are greatly increased.

Clear Direction

You are (hopefully) passionate about your business. The people coming to your site want what you have, but they won’t look too hard to learn how to get it. You have to show them exactly what you want them to do. If you want them to sign up for a list, click “buy now,” or schedule a consult, it should be abundantly clear and perhaps even the only option.

You may not be ready for the mobile generation that is already in full swing, but it’s not too late to prepare yourself, your company, and your website. Get a responsive website that clearly communicates what your company can do today.

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