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Posted by Kevin Brkal

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5 Benefits of Online Marketing

Whether you’ve tried online marketing in the past with lackluster results and are ready to give it another go, or this is your first time experimenting with strategies for gaining a presence on the web, you’ve got a lot to look forward to. When you have a solid online marketing campaign implemented, then you’ll get to enjoy more leads and conversions, and a better ROI. Here are a few of the benefits that online marketing can bring to the table for your online business to help it thrive.

#1: You Have Access to the Mobile Web

More people are using their smartphones now than ever to shop and find services, and if you aren’t on there, you can bet your competitors are. Being found on the mobile web is essential if you want to grow your business, and when you utilize the practices of online marketing, you won’t have to worry about getting ranked.

#2: You Get 24/7 Marketing Exposure

You never know when people will be searching for a product or service that you offer, and you want people to have a place to find information about you whether it’s midnight or noon. Online marketing allows people to find you at all hours of the day and night. When it comes to social media, you can time posts to ensure that you’re seen by people that have different hours so that you don’t have to be up at 3am to reach those that are.

#3: Online Marketing Is Cost Effective

Online marketing is more cost effective than other outbound methods to gather leads and generate new customers. The amount of people that find you through organic search results on devices like computers and smartphones is often going to outweigh if you put an ad on a park bench or send a salesman door-to-door. Keeping your website optimized is crucial to your online marketing efforts, so be sure that you don’t gloss over any aspects of it.

#4: You Can Measure Real-Time Results

When you put some of your marketing dollars into online efforts, you’ll love how fast you get results. It’s not like running an ad in the paper or having a radio commercial play. You’ll see on a daily basis how a Facebook sweepstakes performs and how many clicks your blog gets depending on the topic, and you can use this information to your advantage.

You can also use these results to understand your particular demographic and who is most interested in your pages. As you cultivate your online presence, you’ll have a better idea of where to place attention, and where it isn’t worth the time.

#5: Online Is the Number One Place People Will Look for You

Whether someone heard about your business through word of mouth, or you got a referral, the first place that people are going to look for you is online. And if they don’t see you have a presence, they may not view this in a positive way. Take care in cultivating an online marketing plan and you’ll see the increase in revenue as you move forward.

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