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When you’re making strides to gain an online presence for your business, you’ve got a lot on your plate. While it may look simple from the outside to create a Plano web design that reflects the value and personality of your brand, it doesn’t always come across the way you intended. If you have a brick and mortar business, it can be difficult to find the balance that gives you an edge online while staying true to your brand. Here are a few ways that your Plano web design may be missing the mark when it comes to reflecting your brand, and how to correct it.

All Marketing Campaigns Are Awkward When Paired – Unite Them

If your email, social media, letterhead, and Plano web design all have different attributes or are run by separate people, it’s time to get united. Web design in Dallas, TX is just part of the equation, but you’ll want all of your creative and technical minds to find a common element in your brand that to bring it to life. If you don’t understand why it matters that your marketing campaigns showcase your brand in a way that isn’t uniform, it’s time you put your ideal customer in mind.


One goal of your Plano web design is to capture the attention of your ideal customer and provide them with a trustworthy place to do business online. When your Dallas, TX website confuses your audience and isn’t uniformed with other online efforts, then customers will notice and won’t be as likely to trust your brand as they go from the site to the social media.

You’ve Never Really Made Plano Web Design Goals – Define Them

Your web design in Plano, TX can appear muddled and your brand will get lost in the mix if you haven’t defined your goals for the site. Those goals should be at the heart of your web design and you should factor in your target audience when making them. Is the purpose of your Dallas, TX web design to give customers insight about what your company does? Or perhaps you want people to be able to make appointments, pay bills, and communicate in other ways to make your brick and mortar business run smoother? Maybe, the vision for your web design in Plano has more to do with selling some of your products on an e-commerce store.

Whatever your goals are, write them down and make sure that your brand and your target market are represented effectively. As you do this exercise, you’ll start to notice the areas in your marketing plan that don’t match your web design in Dallas, and you can start to correct those.

Your Business Web Design Is Scattered – Hire a Professional

If you can’t tell whether your brand reflects your Plano web design, there is a good chance your site is so scattered you simply can’t identify the branding. If this is the case, it’s time to hire a professional. KNB Online Inc. is here to get your web design in Plano back on track and all you have to do call us at 972-439-1384. We’re located right outside of Plano, TX at 5900 South Lake Forest Drive Suite 300 PMB# 111, McKinney, TX 75070.

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