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Whether your business is a small Texan flower shop looking for local Frisco SEO or a giant corporate enterprise seeking global dominance, everyone wants their website to be seen and to rank well. Sometimes, though, being a little over eager with your SEO can actually end up hurting your business.

Google and other search engines are keen to weed out any spam websites and have tough rules that need to be followed to avoid your website being penalized and losing position in search results. So how can you succeed? How can a small flower shop get good Frisco SEO without falling into the some of the penalty traps and still rank up there with a large corporation? Let’s take a look.

Fact: 80% of Residents Seek Their Local Information Online

Let’s take a closer look at our example. Imagine that like our flower shop, you are also looking to improve your SEO in the Frisco, TX area. You know that local residents are searching online to find local businesses like yours. You have heard that backlinking to your site is important for SEO and you find a site that offers to sell you hundreds of backlinks for a nominal fee and even include the all-important Frisco SEO keywords to attract those local customers. This seems like a great deal and for a long moment you consider clicking “buy now.”

Stop! Don’t do it!

Don’t Ever Be Tempted Into Buying Links

Yes, link building is important to SEO and you do want people linking to your site to rank well in the search engines. However, these links need to be grown organically and have a reason to be where they are.

To go back to our example, there is little reason for a flower shop utilizing local SEO in Frisco, TX to have links from completely unrelated businesses in Asia, Africa, and beyond. Search engines are smart enough to realize this.

More often than not, purchased links will be terrible quality from poorly ranked ‘link farms’ across the globe. If these sites have already been penalized for their poor quality SEO, then Google will also punish you for your association with them.

What Should I Do Instead?

The first step is to start thinking locally. If you want to increase your Frisco SEO, look to your local area and do some outreach within Frisco. You may be surprised at how many other enterprises are also looking to grow their SEO in your local area and may consider partnering with you to grow organic backlinks that make sense for your businesses. Be social both online and offline and grow some genuine relationships that grow into good quality trustworthy links from reputable businesses.

Hire an Expert to Avoid the SEO Penalty Pitfalls

Take some of the pain out of dodging the traps online by working with a knowledgeable and reliable SEO agency, like our own, that specializes in SEO in Frisco, TX and the surrounding areas. We can connect you to other businesses with good online reputations and help you build links that are worth building and won’t penalize you.

If you would like to get in touch to talk further about how we can help you avoid online penalties with your local SEO, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 972-439-1384. KNB Online, Inc. is located locally at 5900 South Lake Forest Drive Suite 300 PMB# 111, McKinney, TX 75070.

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