Elevating your brand to a new level.

The power of first impressions.

The power of first impressions.

Within a few seconds, your design and messaging needs to communicate competence and quality with a contemporary look and feel. If your website or advertisements are poorly executed, the visitor will assume your product or service are not up to par without delving deeper into the details of your offering.

KNB offers the services needed to elevate your brand in every stage of the customer journey, including but not limited to:

  • Website design
  • Logo and styleguide
  • Messaging and copy
  • Display ads and collateral
The power of first impressions.
New site. New life for your brand.

New site. New life for your brand.

Does your website look dated or suffer from poor conversion? KNB can identify improvements that will keep visitors engaged and ready to purchase. Whether you need a simple reskin or total overhaul, we deliver responsive, search engine optimized websites designed to convert.

  • Mobile, tablet, desktop responsive
  • Clean, contemporary designs
  • SEO optimized
  • Improved messaging and copy
  • Storefront and cart integration

Defining your style.

Defining your style.

Your logo, color pallete, and fonts should be carefully crafted to produce a unique design dynamic that can implemented across every touchpoint in the customer journey. This theme should properly represent personality of your brand while offering ongoing appeal to your target audience.

If your branding has grown dated or inconsistent, KNB can create new assets that will form a strong foundation for future efforts.

  • Modern, world-class logo design
  • Color pallete development
  • Font selection
  • Style guide conventions
Defining your style.
Getting the message?

Getting the message?

Writing good copy is an art form and requires not only talent but years of experience and the patience to correct, rephrase, refine, and test as needed. Whether executing on your website or in advertising efforts, KNB has copywriters on staff who know how to produce concise, confident, and impactful messaging.

  • Website copy
  • Advertising messaging
  • Press releases
  • Emails

Designing for results.

We live in a time when visual advertising and promotional material so thoroughly saturates our attention it can be difficult to stand out. At KNB, we understand how to design for optimal engagement, click-throughs, and sales. Whatever may be needed to execute on your marketing plan, KNB can deliver premium results without the hassle of utilizing a separate agency.

  • Display ads
  • Social media content
  • Print collateral
  • Event schwag
Designing for results.

Hit the ground running.

Once your brand identity and copy are solid and ready to convert sales, you need a marketing strategy to bring the traffic. KNB offers specialized plans across multiple channels to help you reach your goals. Learn more about our marketing services such as Search Engine Optimization.

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