KNB Online Inc. helped ReviewShepherd build one of the most effective ways to help small business get real and safe reviews on sites such as Google Maps & Yelp.

How ReviewShepherd Software Works

ReviewShepherd allows small businesses of any size to easily connect with their past customers.  Once connected the ReviewShepherd software offers a very easy way for those customers to then leave a review on up to ten local profiles.

The software is also fully customizable so the message can be 100% unique as well as the actual review process.  This allows a look and feel that matches a small businesses existing branding.

To learn more about the software please check out this video:

How We Helped

The founder of ReviewShepherd reached out to us to see if we could turn his idea into reality.  We took on this challenge head on and through a lot of hard work we were able to deliver a software solution that works extremely well.

In the very beginning we looked at the current solutions in the marketplace and set out to not just improve upon them but to totally reinvent it. After a great deal of thought we put together the following:

  • PC Designs
  • Mobile Designs
  • Wire-Frame

Once those were approved we turned those 1 dimensional designs into what you see today when you view

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