Prodigy Complete Landing Page

Prodigy Complete Landing Page


We were contacted by a local PPC agency to design & build a fully responsive landing page for Prodigy Complete. We integrated the landing page into the existing WordPress site and built custom functions that would then be easily updated from within the Admin area.

As mentioned above it was very important that every item on the landing page be easily updated from within WP-ADMIN. As a result we had to build custom functions that would then allow every single aspect of the landing pages to be updated. They also wanted the ability to add custom sub menus that would link together additional landing pages that would be utilizing this new design.  As a result we created a custom menu that was only visible on the pages using the landing page template and that menu would then be easily updated from within WP-ADMIN via the menus tab.

We also built a custom slider that offer the client the ability to easily add new sliders along with content and then a button.

The landing page is now allowing the PPC agency to run a successful campaign based on not just user interest but also the device that they are on; PC, Tablet or Mobile.  No matter the device, the landing page looks good and allows a user to easily fill out the contact form to learn more.

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