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Have you been wondering how to increase your business traffic at your store or shop? With the help of a website and online presence, you can increase the number of visitors, inquiries, and sales that you and your business receive.

At KNB Online Inc., we help you by providing quality SEO in Addison, TX. We will build your website and optimize it with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to ensure that you’re capturing the most attention and interest from potential customers in your market.


Having a website is a great start to increasing traffic and sales for your business. For many years, traditional print advertising dominated the marketing world, from newspapers, magazines, store signs, billboards, and more. As technology increased, we began to see advertisements on television. Over the years, online advertising has become more popular.

This popularity comes from the habits of customers in our modern day and age. Searching online through a computer or a smartphone has gotten easier than ever. Now all a person has to do is a quick search for the service or product that you offer, and they’ll immediately get a listing of all the businesses that provide it.

If you don’t have your website established, optimized, and ready to be seen by these customers, you’re missing out on sales every day.


At KNB Online Inc., we’ll make sure that your website is constructed with the best code that is sound, clean, and optimized for SEO in Addison, TX and local business searches.


When your website is established, you need interesting content on your website to keep the attention of your customers and get them to call, send a message, or buy what you have to offer. We will make sure that your website has information and content that is both interesting to your customers and optimized for search engines in your market.


Businesses that don’t have their social media accounts set up are missing out on great Addison, TX SEO opportunities. We’ll get your social media setup, looking great, and in good shape.


An easy way to increase Addison SEO and customer satisfaction is to make sure your website runs quickly and smoothly. We’ll work to make sure your website is optimized for speed and efficiency.


In order to generate more SEO in Addison, you need other websites linking to yours. This can be difficult for anyone who does not have technical experience, but we give you the advantage you need by doing all of the work for you.


Keep your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) up to date, not only for SEO in Addison, but also for your customers. We’ll confirm that all of your information is accurate across all local listings.

Are you ready to get your website started or have its Addison, TX SEO updated? Give KNB Online Inc. a call at 972-439-1384 today! We are located at 5900 South Lake Forest Drive Suite 300 PMB# 111, McKinney, TX 75070. We are only a click or call away!

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